bullet Valid picture I.D
bullet Social Security card or Individual Taxpayer
bullet Identification Number for every person in the house
bullet Birth dates for every person in the house
bullet Income statements or forms:
bullet Copy of wage information for each job (Form W-2)
bullet Interest (Form 1099-INT)
bullet Dividends (Form 1099-DIV)
bullet Alimony received
bullet Retirement Plans (Form 1099-R)
bullet Gambling Winnings (Form 1099-2G)
bullet Unemployment (Form 1099–G)
bullet Social Security Benefits (Form SSA-1099)
bullet Year-end income statements for MFIP (MN Family Investment Program), SSI (Supplemental Security Income), MSA (MN Supplemental Aid), General Assistance (GA), Veteran’s benefits and worker’s compensation.
bullet Receipts for educational expense paid for child(ren)attending kindergarten through 12th grade. For example: pens, paper, calculators, tutoring,rental/purchase of instrument, music lessons, etc.
bullet Tuition, enrollment fees, and student activity fees paid for the taxpayer, spouse, or dependent to attend college, technical school, or classes to improve job skills. (Form 1098-T).
bullet Interest paid on student loans (Form 1098-E).
bullet Daycare expenses paid for children ages 12 and under. With provider’s name, address, and tax ID or Social Security Number.
bullet Documentation of other expenses you may wish to deduct, such as: medical expenses you paid out of your own pocket; charitable donations (cash or inkind); vehicle license tab fees; tax preparation fees; uniform costs.
bullet A copy of your previous year’s tax return. Eligible taxpayers can file three years back for unclaimed tax credits.
bullet Homeowners: Mortgage interest (Form 1098), property taxes paid, property tax refunds received
bullet Renters: Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) from your landlord; renters’ credit refunds received
bullet Direct deposit information for a checking or savings account.